When can you be tested?

    • Your GP prescribed a test in the test and triage centre.
    • OR you must have a government referral with the corresponding activation code (PCR code) for a Covid-19 test. This PCR code is issued by the government based on criteria set by Sci-ensano and can be obtained via SMS.
    • OR you are going abroad. Several countries require foreigners to provide a certificate of a recent negative test, or a mandatory post-arrival quarantine. This requirement can be accessed via diplomatie.belgium.be. If you are going abroad for professional travel or for holidays, you can be tested at the test and triage centre. A fee of €50 per person applies. This test is not reimbursed by the RIZIV. It is up to the traveller to obtain information regarding the travel advice of the country of destination and the period of validity of this test.

Where can I register for the ZORA test and triage centre?       At zora.testcovid.be The website and registration procedure are available in three languages: Dutch, French and English.

Can people without a computer also register?

Your GP can schedule an appointment for you.

Is the location accessible for people with a disability?

Yes, everything is located on the ground floor and wheelchair accessible.

I have a (medical) question about the corona virus, can I contact the test and triage centre for this?

No, no (medical) questions are answered in the test and triage centre. Please contact your GP.

Can I receive a certificate of absence when coming to be tested?
No, no certificates of absence are given in the test and triage centre. Please contact your physician or specialist for this.

Do charges apply to the test?

  • no, if your GP has issued a digital referral or if you receive an activation code from a contact tracer or if you are entitled to a free code from the government.
  • yes, if you are going abroad for professional travel or holidays. A fee of €50 applies per person. This test is not reimbursed by the RIZIV.

What do I need to bring to the test and triage centre?

Your ID

How quickly are the test results available?

The aim is to make the test results available within 24 hours of taking the test.

In exceptional cases there may be a delay or the person concerned may be asked to have a new sample taken if a technical or analytical issue has impeded the reliability of the test or results.

Who can view the test results?

  • You can view the results at www.cozo.be or www.mijngezondheid.be.
  • The GP with access to your global medical file (GMD). This physician will inform you of the test results along with which action you need to take. It is therefore important to include the name of your GP during registration.
  • The government.

 Which measures do I need to take while awaiting my test results?
You must remain in quarantine until your test results are known (unless you have taken a test for international travel).

What do I need to do if I test positive?

If you test positive, you are infected with Covid-19. It is then vital that you remain home and isolate yourself from others as much as possible.

You must quarantine for a minimum period of 10 days. If you are ill and develop symptoms, you must remain in quarantine until the symptoms are gone. If you become severely ill (difficulty breathing, high fever, etc.), contact you GP to make an appointment. If you require immediate medical attention and are going to the emergency department, contact the hospital in advance to inform them of your arrival.

What do I need to do if I test negative?

This depends on your situation. For more information, visit https://www.info-coronavirus.be/en/faq/.

For general information concerning the Covid-19 virus, visit www.info-coronavirus.be. If you have specific questions, please contact your physician or specialist.